Types of Patient: Adult

Up to sixty percent of adults who are treated are 'mentally normal' adults who require sedation or anesthesia for a variety of reasons. They either do no freeze (get numb), are gaggers, do not like someone working in their mouth, needle phobic or anxious. Some prefer to have a large amount of dental treatment completed in one appointment.

Difficulty getting Numb

Some people perceive pain differently than others or at a much lower stimulus.  Sometimes obtaining adequate tooth numbness to perform painless treatment is impossible.  With general anesthesia and sedation this experience can be eliminated.

Extensive Treatment

For procedures such as implant dentistry or full mouth rehabilitation, and extended procedures such as periodontal surgery, root canal therapy and surgery, anesthesia services provide increased patient comfort.

Many busy adults may also benefit greatly from the use of anesthetics because it saves them from having to go to the dentist several times.  With the use of anesthetics, most dental work can be done in one visit.

Gagging Difficulty

Some fear of dental procedures stems from one’s hyperactive gag reflex when objects are placed within the mouth.  Also, fear of choking on or swallowing dental instruments and material evoke a severe gag reflex.  Anesthesia will eliminate this reflex and fear of this happening.