Dentist Anesthesiologist Club for Students (DACS)

The Dentist Anesthesiologist Club for Students (DACS) began at the University of Pittsburgh in 2010.  Started by a dental anesthesiology resident and a dental school senior, the university-sanctioned organization serves to educate, expand and advance the profession of Dental Anesthesiology. 

DACS is the first, pre-doctoral, student-run organization in the country dedicated solely to the practice of the Dentist Anesthesiologist. The goal of DACS is the historical preservation of dentistry’s role in anesthesia, to promote the continuing contribution to the art and science of the anesthesiology by dentists, advance the knowledge and awareness of anesthesia in dentistry, and support and encourage the clinical practice of Dentist Anesthesiologists.

DACS offers students the opportunity to explore the field of Dental Anesthesiology in an informal learning environment. Student members attend monthly meetings in which formal Anesthesiology and its role in modern dentistry are discussed. Additionally, students are also provided with the opportunity for further study and review sessions for Anesthesiology-related courses/topics such as: local anesthesia, management of dental emergencies, medical emergencies, physical diagnosis, nitrous oxide, and the in-office emergency simulation training offered at University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. Students also have the opportunity to acquire more individual contact with the Anesthesiology residents and Dentist Anesthesiologist faculty in a relaxed, interactive environment.

DACS aims to encourage students with an interest in Anesthesiology to further explore Dentist Anesthesiology as a profession. DACS will offer students the ability to observe Dentist Anesthesiologists in private dental practice and surgical settings. With a DACS organization in place, students have the opportunity to receive the necessary exposure and knowledge to expand and advance the profession of the Dentist Anesthesiologist. Ultimately, DACS would like to expand the organization to the national level, with all dental schools taking part in the curriculum opportunity available.

Start your own Dentist Anesthesiologist Club for Students (DACS) at your school.  To view sample governing documents, please click here.   Dr. Jason Flores, founder of the initial DACS program at the University of Pittsburgh, is available to help and answer questions.  To contact Dr. Flores directly, please email him at