The Leonard Monheim Distinguished Service Award

The American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists has identified a need to recognize dentists who have made outstanding contributions to the discipline of anesthesiology, benefiting the dental profession. This Distinguished Service Award is named in honor of Leonard M. Monheim, D.D.S., whose many contributions to the art and science of anesthesiology and visionary leadership helped lay the foundation for a specialty in anesthesiology for dentistry. Dr. Monheim established the first autonomous Department of Anesthesiology within a dental school (University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine) in 1949 and served as the only anesthesiologist for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for nearly twenty years. In that same year, he initiated the first postdoctoral training program in anesthesia for dentists. His prolific teaching and writings in the discipline of dental anesthesiology provided a strong educational foundation for all dentists rotating on his anesthesia service and the first modern textbook on general anesthesia specifically for dentistry. It is only fitting that the American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists honor this man’s contributions to our discipline and dentistry.

2019 Monheim Award Recipient:

Dr. Michael Mashni

Past Monheim Distinguished Service Award Recipients:

Dr. Lee Lichtenstein2018
Dr. James Snyder2017
Dr. Morton Rosenberg2016
Dr. Stanley Malamed2015
Dr. Christine Quinn2014
Dr. Steven Ganzberg2013
Dr. James Phero2012
Dr. Michael Higgins2011
Dr. Daniel A. Haas2010
Dr. William A. MacDonnell2009
Professor Yuzuru Kaneko2008
Dr. C. Richard Bennett2007
Dr. James Chancellor2006
Dr. Ray Dionne2005
Dr. Joel Weaver2003
Dr. Joseph A. Giovannitti2002
Dr. John Yagiela2001
Dr. Ralph Epstein2000
Dr. Larry Trapp1999


The Call for 2020 Leonard M. Monheim Award Nominations is now open.  For complete information on the Monheim award and how to submit a nomination, please click here: